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The “Keep Britain in Europe” Campaign Starts

StrongerIn, the campaign to stop Brexit, is off to a good start. But can it last?

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Corbyn the Moderate

Is the Labour Party’s new leader a secret moderate?

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Corbyn is Firmly Within Labour Traditions

Labour Party will self correct. How long and what form this takes is the important question.

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The Meaning of Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn does not need to win in 2020 in order to have a substantial effect on British politics.

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UK: Who Is Jeremy Corbyn?

Explaining the potential leader of the Labor Party to friends outside Britain.

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UK Conservatives and Labour Should Form Grand Coalition

A German style solution is needed to handle the fracturing of UK politics.

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Scotland’s Alex Salmond: Down, But Not Out

Alex Salmond

Two months after voters rejected independence, the Scottish National Party leader is back to try again.

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13 Facts about Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

The remarkable downsides of Britain’s most famous leader.

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Winston Churchill: Hagiography Versus History


Churchill is hero, not history, and Britain still lives under his shadow.

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