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2003/04 — A World Transformed by War

How much has the Iraq war changed global politics — and global thinking?

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The Dixie Chicks Do Global Politics

What happens when a country music trio speaks up about U.S. politics?

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Joe Wilson and the Car Mechanic

How much can U.S. media learn from car mechanics when it comes to courage and service mentality?

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Madeleine Albright — What America Should Have Done

Read what the first female U.S. Secretary of State thinks about current U.S. policies in the Middle East.

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Condi Rice — Manager, Global Security

How does the U.S. National Security Advisor look at foreign policy?

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Creating the Perfect Storm, Again

How have mismatched expectations led to the current rift in transatlantic relations?

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Europe is Still United

What is at stake as European leaders urge “unity and cohesion” in efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein?

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