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How the United States Is Getting Gamed in Syria

In Syria, the U.S. government has to do much more than pressure Russia.

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India and the Threat of Islamist Terrorism

So far, ISIS has not turned its attention heavily toward the religiously diverse target.

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American Security Policy After Obama

The final year will cap Obama’s global legacy, but also set the pace for his successor.

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The End of the Age of Reason?

The United States, Russia, the Islamic State and the new irrational world.

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Ending the War in Syria and Iraq: Strategic Steps

A responsible military and political plan to isolate ISIS geographically, militarily and diplomatically.

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Getting Real: Facing Necessary Facts in Syria and Iraq

Washington’s admitting some hard truths is a pre-requisite to defeating ISIS.

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The Christian Terror of Saint Augustine

In an earlier era, rampaging monks sought to create the Christian equivalent of the ISIS caliphate.

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The Libel Equating Islam With Terror

The homegrown attacks in the U.S. and Europe have more in common with secular mass shooters than with Mideast jihad.

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Why ISIS May Be Targeting France

By seeking to destabilize France, already struggling economically, ISIS aims at bringing down the whole European Union.

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U.S. and Syria: Focus on the Saudi Factor

How terror attacks in Paris calls for revising U.S. policy in Syria.

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