Legacies of the Vietnam War

A team of brave women work to remove an explosive legacy of the Vietnam War from Laos.

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Vietnam: On the Futility of US Invasions

Why on earth did the US invade Vietnam half a century ago? Have the lessons finally been learned?

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TPP: Beware of the Japan Hype

Just as is the case in the US, there is very strong domestic opposition to TPP in Japan.

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Greece: Caught Between Nero and Catharsis

The Syriza government has done wonders to unify the rest of the Eurozone.

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Germany=Geoeconomics, US=Geopolitics?

Mercury or Mars? What separates Germany and the United States.

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Global Migration in Perspective

Back in 1900, immigrants made up 3% of the global population. What is the percentage today?

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Peru: Beyond Llamas and Machu Picchu

Can Peru once again prove skeptics wrong and succeed in the world economy?

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Hydro Power Over Homes in Peru

The homes of the Ashaninka people are threatened by the construction of a hydroelectric dam in Peru.

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Is the U.S. – Not Iran – to Blame in Houthi Uprising?

The recent Houthi arms bonanza came from Saleh, not Iran.

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Where Are the European Googles?

Innovation in Silicon Valley is driven by public funding.

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