Cycling in Eritrea: Five Photos That Capture a National Obsession

Eritrea has one of Africa’s most unique sporting crazes.

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The Scottish Vote and Europe’s Future

Scotland votes for more home rule within the UK, not independence.

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The UK’s Problems Have Just Begun

Far from settling everything, the Scottish vote has opened everything up.

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Willful Ignorance on the Economy

Did the right’s willfully ignorant view of the economy undermine it’s recovery?

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10 Reasons To Oppose Scottish Independence

Scotland’s independence would hurt Europe.

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What Will The United Kingdom Look Like Without Scotland?

The impact is not as big as you think.

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10 Facts On The World’s Newest (Potential) Nation

An independent Scotland would have slightly more people than Turkmenistan.

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Smaller Nations in a Big World

How will an independent Scotland compare to other small nations?

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Scottish Independence Vote: Pride Goeth Before a Fall?

There are plenty of warning signs for Scots to heed in the upcoming referendum.

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China Loves a Weaker Russia

Why may China want to support Ukraine – even if it means quarrelling with Putin?

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