The Other Data Revolution

Can you conceptualize how much data is created these days?

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Key Takeaways From The GM Safety Debacle

What have we learned about General Motors from the latest mess?

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Heartbleed: National Insecurity Agency

When did spying itself, instead of security, become the NSA’s mission?

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GDP at 70: What’s Next?

The revolution of well-being and sustainability is under way.

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Russia and Europe: Separated at Birth

What were the geographic and economic factors that marked Russia’s development?

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Africa’s Electricity Poverty

How many people in Africa live without any access to electricity?

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Will a Mouse Find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

The search for MH370 is proof that crowdsourcing will become a vital part of aid and rescue efforts in the future.

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A Vote for Afghanistan

How can a society develop exemplary civic courage in the face of brutal terror?

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Russia’s Miserable Century: 85 Million “Gone Missing”

What was the human cost of Russia’s 20th century trials and tribulations?

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Three Myths About the Middle East

No, the region isn’t the source of all evil.

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