Working the Ranch in Montana

Following in the footsteps of her ancestors, Megan herds cattle on a 2,000 acre ranch in Montana.

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Global Texas: More Than Dumb Luck

In the age of globalization, Texas found itself at the right spot at the right time.

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QE Is Debt Cancellation

The United States, the UK and Japan have far less government debt than is generally understood.

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A Letter to My German Friends

From the Vietnam War to the eurozone crisis: What today’s Germany must learn from LBJ.

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Turkey and the EU’s Self-Righteousness

Europe tends to belittle the vitality of the political debate inside Turkey and the creativity of its civil society.

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Saudi Arabia: From the Eyes of an Insider

“Segregation” is the only way to describe the situation for women in Saudi Arabia.

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Korea’s Ongoing Divide

We wonder: How big is South Korea’s economy compared to that of its northern rival?

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Egypt: Al Sisi’s Truman Show

Like the Pharaohs of old, Egypt’s President gives his people trophies – but doesn’t address their basic needs.

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Russia Goes Steampunk

In the shadow of a Russian military plant, two artists ply their trade.

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Writing a Russian Detective Novel

Developing a positive Russian male role model character after decades of demographic catastrophe.

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