Immigration: Drain on Resources or Source of Growth?

What is the effect of immigration on national budgets? What is the GDP growth effect?

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Blind Women Make Music in Egypt

A government program in Egypt helps educate and train young blind woman as classical musicians.

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Why Obama Is Right on Immigration

immigration action

Like Reagan and Bush, Obama takes action when Congress won’t.

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Why Europe Needs to Put Privatization Back on the Agenda

Privatized firms neither need to accommodate politicians’ wishes nor maintain unproductive jobs and factories.

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Holy Shit!

India has 17% of the worlds population but accounts for 60% of all people with no access to toilets.

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The Connection Between Toilets and Rape in India

Around 65 percent of the rural population in India defecates in the open – this puts women at risk.

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South Africa – Cry, the Beloved Country

nelson mandela

What took South Africa from 1994 to 2014 will not take it to 2034.

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10 Facts: “Open Defecation” in India

India needs to change some sanitation habits to protect health and safety.

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India’s Potty Problem

World Toilet Day is no laughing matter in many parts of the developing world.

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Piketty, Right or Wrong? The Global Wealth Game

How can it be that wealth grows faster than income for a sustained period of time?

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