China’s Financial Paradoxes

China’s total debt is now greater than that of the United States, creating uncertainty about its future.

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How to Deal With the Populists: Home Truths for Europe’s Future

“Technocracy is policy without politics – and populism is politics without policy.”

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Germany’s Choice: Shaper or Bystander?

10 points on what Germany needs to do to save the Eurozone — and safeguard Germany’s own interests.

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Keeping China In or Out? Beijing Vs. Washington on TPP

Global economic diplomacy gets more complicated as China plays its cards.

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Urbanization in Serbia

Despite widespread migration to urban areas in Serbia, some communities maintain traditions.

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The Western Balkans: Europe’s Forgotten Region

The Balkans are still posed to plague the 21st century.

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Uncomfortable Parallels: Hitler and Putin

Artfully mixing the toxic spirit of national and personal humiliation.

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Quo Vadis, Putin? An Answer in Five Points

Reflections on Putin and Russian domestic politics.

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Spain: Greek-Style Populist Upset Unlikely

Despite rise in polls, Podemos remains far behind pro-European parties in Spain.

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The Mounting Global Challenges of Rampant Corruption

Only a united front against corruption can bring about its end.

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