Can Golf Be Good For Nature?

Paul Sochaczewski attempts to solve this conundrum in his latest book.

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Creating Frankenstein: The Saudi Export of Ultra-Conservatism

The monster that Saudi Arabia created may come to haunt itself — at home.

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Lessons from the UK’s Olympic Success for the Country’s Economy

Intriguing parallels between Olympics, English football and the business landscape of the country.

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Russia’s Elites and the “Crowded Streetcar Effect”

To preserve their gains, will Russia’s oligarchs now demand a strong rule of law?

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Is Merkel Rushing to Push Britain Out of Europe?

What European leaders must do to give UK a chance for reason to prevail post-Brexit.

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After the Coup: Backlash Against Turkey’s Minorities

The failed coup has sparked a wave of hatred and violence against religious minorities for their supposed “complicity” in the incident.

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Future of Globalization: Why the Renaissance Mindset Matters So Much

What happens if there is no fair distribution of gains and losses? A Renaissance lens could have brought this risk into focus much sooner.

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Brexit: Separating the Good From the Bad From the Ugly

It is high time for Europe to engage in nuanced analysis of the Brexit vote. Part of the protest was right on target. The EU should learn from it.

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The “Boytrap”: When the Islamic State Goes to Play Soccer

With mosques under surveillance, IS turns to soccer for recruitment

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Why the United States and the West Can’t Win With Turkey

Examining the perfectly closed loops of circular Islamist thinking.

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