Renzi’s New Constitution: Really the Solution to Italy’s Troubles?

The effects of Renzi’s reforms are problematic. They lead to more centralization — and don’t address the country’s real problems.

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World Tourism Day: The Globalist’s Top 15

Some insights on travel from China to Mexico, Peru to Morocco, Sri Lanka to Poland.

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Donald Trump – The Globalist’s Top 15

The Globalist presents its top features on Donald Trump’s journey to the White House.

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Hillary Clinton – The Globalist’s Top 15

The Globalist’s presents its top features on Hillary Clinton’s journey to the White House.

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Turkey and the Kurds: Violence Is Not the Answer

Erdogan never understood the Kurds’ mindset. He needs to revisit history to see the hardships they have experienced.

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UK: Labour Hands UK to Tories for a Decade

Britain’s Labour party, by reelecting Jeremy Corbyn, faces a miserable decade, like it did in the 1950s and 1980s.

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A Misguided Love Affair With the United States

Gordon Brown, presumably a dour Scot, spent all his vacations in the United States and was in love with Clintonism.

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Escaping the Prison Island: Forgotten Refugees of Chios

The refugees trying to escape Chios shows the world’s failure to protect victims of one of the worst humanitarian disasters.

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How Hispanics Became U.S. Election Kingmakers

A Q&A on demographic shifts and voting trends among U.S. Hispanics

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The EU and the German Risk

Germany is not just a core member of the EU, it is the core member. Being the EU’s biggest asset also means it is its Achilles heel.

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