Assault on Atatürk

Turkey is hit by more human tragedies.

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Brex-Back? Probably Not

Could the UK exit from the Brexit? Could Boris Johnson do a Tsipras?

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Brexit: The Day We Entered the Maelstrom

Bad political outcomes produce worsened economic outcomes and further social alienation.

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Post-Brexit: EU Still a Superpower

Yes, the EU is juggling a number of daunting situations. But that’s what superpowers do.

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Cameron’s Folly: Britain Needed “Fixing” More Than Europe

When it comes to urgently needed reforms, the British Prime Minister should have focused on Britain first.

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2016 or 1865? When Did the Republican Party Really Die?

Donald Trump is one of the crasser manifestations of the Republicans’ unperturbed selfishness and hucksterism.

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Brexit Seen From Berlin

U.S. history holds a lesson for Europe: Integration moves in waves.

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Women in the U.S. Workforce

A declining share of American women are working.

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United States: Women as Voters and Politicians

U.S. women are more likely to vote than men.

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Evolving U.S. Families

The role of marriage and motherhood has changed in U.S. women’s lives.

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