The Causes of Hillary Clinton’s Undoing

It is not Bernie Sanders who defeated Clinton. She is doing it to herself.

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I’m Not Here for The Boys

Why Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton, is winning over Millennial women.

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U.S. vs the World? Women as Top Political Leaders

To this day, most prime ministers and presidents are men. Women are not even close, despite some progress.

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United States: Primary Lunacy

Will the United States ever return to government “Of the People, By the People, For the People”?

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Mark Wolf: Judge on a Global Mission

Campaign grows for an International Anti-Corruption Court.

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Beyond Flint: Victimizing Women and Children

Environmental degradation takes a heavy toll on women and children’s health.

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Bernie Sanders and Super Bowl 50

‘Super’ Sanders and his lessons for corporate marketers on reaching the young and restless.

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China: A Free Hand in the South China Sea?

Is Beijing’s maritime strategy sinking freedom of navigation In the South China Sea?

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PiS-sing Away Poland’s Future?

Kaczynski’s insistence to look backward is a disservice to a great country that has come a long way.

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Brexit: A Sound Deal for Cameron?

Brussels delivers some of what Cameron wants. But is it enough to defeat Brexit?

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