Japan Vs. China: Oil and a Tale of Two Countries

How the oil price drop has very different effects on China and Japan.

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6 Facts on Youth Unemployment: A Turkey-Sized Problem


The global economy is recovering — but young people are still getting left behind.

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Obama’s Amnesty Further Fractures America

obama immigration

Is Obama using executive power to satisfy a constituency and put it above the rule of law?

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The Oil Price Crash: Who Dunnit?

oil well

Observations on the latest Saudi-American geo-strategic drone.

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7 Facts: Unemployed Workers of the World, Unite!


Advanced economies account for a disproportionate share of global joblessness.

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Visiting India? Battling a Kafkaesque Bureaucracy

Reflections on the amazing difficulties of obtaining a visa to India.

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13 Facts about Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

The remarkable downsides of Britain’s most famous leader.

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Winston Churchill: Hagiography Versus History


Churchill is hero, not history, and Britain still lives under his shadow.

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18 Facts: Christians in China

christianity china

Despite current attempts at suppression, the number of Christians is growing.

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Immigration: Drain on Resources or Source of Growth?

What is the effect of immigration on national budgets? What is the GDP growth effect?

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