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Potatoes: Not Just Chipper Tubers

A short global history of the potato plus a recipe for an exceptional potato salad

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Georgia (the Republic) on My Mind

We cannot just worry about the Baltic states, we should also consider Georgia. A very timely tribute to Tbilisi and God’s “heavenly feast”.

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Are You Worth Your Salt? A Global Journey

Plus: A recipe for salt-baked fish and roots.

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Smash Burgers, Onions and Climate Change

A Depression-era meal for more environmental-minded times? A hamburger treat from Oklahoma City to get more out of less hits Berlin.

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We the People: An Important New Year’s Resolution

Increased consumption of ultra-processed foods is directly linked to increased greenhouse gas emissions.

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COP26, Glasgow — and Curry!

A recipe for a simple store-cupboard curry

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Butter: The Good Fat With a Long Global Heritage

Butter’s history, its troubled path to the present – plus a recipe for buttery shortbread.

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Anchovies – Hate Them? Love Them!

Plus: A recipe for Southeast Asian bumbu sauce

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Lunch in Spain

Explaining one of the world’s most unique culinary traditions.

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Relishing the Radish

A cultural and culinary history, plus: A recipe for radish, parsley and goat’s cheese salad.

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