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About Us

Welcome to The Globalist, the online magazine dedicated to exploring “how the world hangs together.”

We offer our readers around the globe daily features with original insights into the forces shaping the global economy, politics and culture.

Our focus is on cross-country or cross-regional comparisons to highlight what countries and cultures can learn from each other. These include both successes to emulate – and pitfalls to avoid. We are ideologically neutral and do not believe in the superiority of any one culture.

We believe that the definitive book on globalization has not been written – and can never be written. There is simply too much complexity involved in this evolving saga to allow it to be captured in a single volume.

Over the last twenty plus years, we have built up a formidable archive of stories of lasting relevance. Taken together, they present an invaluable resource for anyone trying to understand the globalized world we live in.

We invite you to join us on this enriching journey, as we delve into solutions to the challenges that unite the world. Our goal is to present diverse perspectives to help readers make up their own mind.

The diversity of perspectives we offer ensures that we do not advance the interests, value systems or perspectives of any one nation or ideology, but instead focus on the common good to help build a better world for all of us.

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