Angela Merkel, Let Sabria Into Germany

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This is Sabria Khalaf. She is a refugee of the Syrian civil war — and is quite likely the world’s oldest refugee. She now lives precariously in Greece.

Sabria would like to be reunited with her family in Germany. This seemingly easy feat, however, is being frustrated by EU immigration policies.

Please join us in urging Chancellor Angela Merkel to let Sabria into Germany.

Read Behzad Yaghmaian’s article about Sabria on The Globalist: Syria’s Civil War and the World’s Oldest Refugee

See a photo gallery of Sabria, her son and their current dwellings in Greece.

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This is a petition to the government of the Federal Republic of Germany to allow Sabria, the world’s oldest refugee, into the country to be united with her family there. It is her last wish. Germany understands that at times regulations need to be flexible in the name of humanity. This is one such instance.

Sabria is a Syrian refugee now in Athens and hoping to reunite with her family in Germany. Meeting Sabria is a very humbling experience. Sabria is the face of all of our grandmothers, their wisdom, and the fragility that arrives with old age.

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Meet the decisionmakers

These are the key public officials in Germany who can change Sabria’s fate. They include the governor and the top immigration official in the state of Lower Saxony, the state in which Sabria’s family lives.

Read Behzad Yaghmaian’s open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. [PDF]

1. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany
2. Stephan Weil, Governor of Lower Saxony

3. Doris Schröder-Köpf, Lower Saxony Special Representative for Migration Issues
4. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Foreign Minister of Germany
5. Thomas de Maiziere, Interior Minister of Germany
6. Emily Haber, Deputy Interior Minister of Germany
7. Norbert Roettgen, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the German Bundestag

In the media

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Sabria’s story has been published in these media outlets:

Süddeutsche Zeitung [PDF], Munich, Germany, March 1, 2014
Eleftherotypia, Athens, Greece, February 13, 2014
Okeanews, Athens, Greece, February 13, 2014

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