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After Brexit: How Poland Replaces the UK

The EU-related obstinacy of Poland’s governing party is rooted not just in the desire to rewrite their own country’s post-war history, or even Europe’s. It is all a big-time deflection maneuver.

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Theresa May’s and England’s Massive Miscalculations on Brexit

Why Germany’s Angela Merkel felt compelled to end the Tories’ delusions

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12 Rules on How NOT to Negotiate for a Successful Brexit

Advice to our British friends : A concise compilation of the delusions shaping the surreal mindset of Britain’s Brexiteer brigades.

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Brexit: The Worst of All Policy Ideas

Brexit is the UK equivalent of the United States launching the Iraq War: Noble intentions perhaps, but an utterly self-defeatist move.

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The UK Opts Out: Four Major Effects

Britain and the EU

High time for a reality check on what the British vote really means – for the UK, Europe and the world.

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Cameron’s Major Brexit Folly: Britain Needed “Fixing” More Than Europe

When it comes to urgently needed reforms, the British Prime Minister should have focused on Britain first.

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UK’s Cameron: Caught in the Syriza/Tsipras Trap

Why Britain won’t get a “new deal” from Brussels and Europe.

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Germany-UK: Making Up for a Lost Century

Britain and Germany must recognize at long last they have a common future.

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