Lincoln, FDR and Sizing Up Donald Trump

What are the keys to wartime presidential leadership?

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Microbes in Motion

What are the major biological threats of the future — bio-terrorism and warfare, or disease?

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COVID 19: Reflections on the “War” Analogy

Rhetoric aside, what are the analytical parallels – and differences — between today’s extraordinary pandemic-related economic policies and the circumstances during or after a major war?

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Beyond Trump: The US’s Wrong-Headed Priorities

Reflections on gargantuan levels of military spending, pseudo “efficiency”-minded corporate outsourcing and an ill-fated obsession with American exceptionalism.

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COVID 19 and the US: What Lies Ahead

Way beyond the CARES Act, here are six concrete steps the U.S. federal government ought to mandate right now to protect people’s economic livelihood.

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COVID 19: Six Concrete Steps to Mandate Right Now

The actions needed to prevent the coronavirus crisis from turning into a financial disaster for the U.S.

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COVID 19: How to Fight the Infodemic Wars

Beyond containing the COVID 19 virus, we must also contain the “infodemic” — the glut of misinformation from various sources. What does that take?

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Trump’s Total Control of Vast Virus-Aid Fund

It used to be said that beggars can’t be choosers. That obviously no longer applies in the United States of today. Corporations set the terms of their bailouts.

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Trump’s Dangerous War on Science

In his approach to science, Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of autocrats of the past. Will the result be similarly disastrous for the United States — and the rest of the world as well?

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Science and World Power

For centuries, scientific and technological prowess — or lack thereof — is what has separated global winners and losers.

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