7 Ideas to Address Hunger and Climate Change

This World Food Day what can citizens do to create a global movement to address hunger and climate change?

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What on Earth Is Originalism?

Reflections on Amy Coney Barrett’s insistence on an obscure legal theory and what it says about today’s United States.

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The Red Mirage

What happens if Trump declares victory on election night, and tries to dispute any “late” uncounted ballots — both in the courts and in the free-for-all of public opinion?

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India: Gender Inequality Seriously Harms Women and Girls

The problem of abuse of women in India will only be solved by changing entrenched culture norms that allow the abuse and degradation of women.

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Democratic Voters Beware: “Vote by Mail” in US Battleground States Is a Trap

The disturbing picture of millions of mailed-in ballots potentially never being counted, and hundreds of thousands of votes for the Democrats being disenfranchised, is a real possibility.

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Parents in the Time of a Pandemic: A Silent Lament

This is a good time to assess what works best to relieve family stress.

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The “Untied” States of America: No Longer Just a Typo

Americans’ willingness to work with each other and to learn from one another is becoming ever more deficient.

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Biden 1, Trump 0 in the First Round

Democrats who had been anxious about how Biden would perform can breathe a sigh of relief.

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QAnon: Conspiracy as a Quasi-Religion

QAnon is much more than a marginal phenomenon, as much as most rational people would wish otherwise.

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Swiss Hold Second Referendum and Say Yes to Europe

The Brexit virus refuses to cross the Channel.

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