Dennis Kelleher

Dennis M. Kelleher is the president and CEO of Better Markets, Inc., a nonprofit organization that promotes the public interest in the U.S. and global financial markets.

Wall Street: Wake Up, Step Up or Shut Up

Wall Street lost its bid to unseat President Obama. Now it should get onboard with sensible regulation and oversight.

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Financial Reform With Real Teeth

What are the potential costs if Wall Street is successful in weakening the Dodd-Frank financial regulations?

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The Economic Fallout of the U.S. Financial Crisis

Will the economic costs of the financial crisis limit the government’s ability to deal with future crises?

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Beyond LIBOR: Whiners on Wall Street

Are financial industry complaints about the alleged costs of regulation justified? Or does history prove they are without merit?

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Beyond LIBOR: Derivatives as WMD on the American People

Why should derivatives be moved out of the dark of over-the-counter markets into the brighter light of exchanges?

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