Gurcharan Das

Gurcharan Das is a renowned Indian author, commentator and public intellectual. Most recently, he is the author of Kama: The Riddle of Desire (Penguin) available on Amazon.

US and India: Stop Your Uncivil Wars at Home!

Democracies are only as healthy as their institutions: A conversation with Gurcharan Das.

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The Tragic Dilemma of the Indian Voter

Being neither a Modi fan nor a Modi hater is a position many Indians find themselves in.

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A Hindu’s Reflections on Desire and the Human Condition

The beguiling world of kama, presented around the Western world’s Christmastime.

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Message to India: We Have to Bring Up Our Boys Differently

That the #MeToo movement has spread to India with such rapidity is a tribute to globalization.

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The Supreme Court of India Has Decriminalized Homosexuality

For 157 years, Indians have lived under a tyrannical colonial law that was contrary to our country’s ancient spirit.

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India and the Politics of Anger

To rein in the present political “Age of Anger,” everyone must suspend the belief that their way of life is morally superior.

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India’s Winter of Discontent

India’s improvement in The Ease of Doing Business index is the first tangible proof of Modi’s election promise of “maximum governance, minimum government.”

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Make a Life, Not Just a Living!

Passionate, self-forgetting work is the secret of happiness as well as of making a life.

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India’s Choice: Opt For National Honor Or National Interest?

How to get out of the tit-for-tat pattern of past India-Pak encounters

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Are You a Patriot Or a Nationalist?

Nationalism is on the rise from the United States to India and China. How to rein it in?

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