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Ian Dowbiggin

Professor of history, the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Ian Dowbiggin is the author of The Quest for Mental Health (Cambridge University Press, 2011). He is professor of history at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

He is the author of six books on the history of medicine, including A Merciful End: The Euthanasia Movement in Modern America (2003) and Suspicious Minds: The Triumph of Paranoia in Everyday Life (1999).

He has also published widely in journals such as the American Historical Review, the Canadian Historical Review and the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. He is on the editorial board of the History of Psychiatry.

Articles by Ian Dowbiggin

World Mental Health Day: Another Missed Opportunity?

What progress has been made when it comes to treating mental health — and what have we lost in our search for sanity?

October 11, 2011