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Jürgen Gerhards

Professor of Sociology at the Freie University Berlin

Jürgen Gerhards is Professor of Sociology at the Freie University Berlin and a Principle Investigator at the Excellence Cluster “Contestations of the Liberal Script.”

His research interests include comparative cultural sociology, and sociology of European integration.

His most recent book publications include the co-authored monographs “European Solidarity in Times Crisis” (2019), and “Social Class and Transnational Human Capital: How Middle- and Upper-Class Parents Prepare Their Children for Globalization” (2017).

Among other things, Mr. Gerhards was a Visiting Scholar at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University, and a Guest Professor at Peking University.

He is also a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and a Member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.

Articles by Jürgen Gerhards

COVID 19 and the Culture and Costs of German Introspection

Why do we Germans learn so little from very relevant Asian countries in fighting the pandemic?

February 17, 2021