Kallum Pickering

Kallum Pickering is Senior Economist at Berenberg Bank in London.

The EU-UK Brexit Deal

Progress, but does Boris have the numbers?

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Brexitology: Dog Chases Tail, Again

Theresa May’s authority is so eroded that her latest attempt to finally resolve Brexit will likely fail.

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The Big Brexit Mess

UK poll shift sends clear message to the two major parties – sort Brexit out fast.

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Brexit Vote Trilogy: Predictions and Observations

A surprise outcome in the key votes in the UK parliament this week is unlikely.

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Britain’s “B Day”

It’s time for the British Parliament to decide on Brexit.

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The UK and Brexit: Approaching the Moment of Truth

There are four scenarios if May’s Brexit deal falls through.

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Britain’s Big Brexit Gamble

This is the worst setback ever for the process of European integration that started with a six-nation coal and steel community in 1952 – but for whom precisely?

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An Economic Score Card for the UK: 10 Theses

Why Brexit will make an already shaky economic record even worse.

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Theresa May Seems To Opt for Hard Brexit

The UK’s Prime Minister’s emerging strategy for a hard Brexit will mean significantly reduced access to the EU market.

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Brexit: Five Economic Myths that Conceal Reality

Whatever outside challenges the UK faces, the source is not the EU.

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