Michael McCarthy

Making U.S. Politics Safe for Third Parties

How can the United States ensure that third parties don't act as spoilers?

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Will There Be a “Silver Bullet” for the U.S. Economy?

Is the United States reducing its odds of discovering the next technological and economic game-changer?

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The AARP Versus the American Association of Young Persons

What would America look like if the government cared as much about youth as it does about seniors?

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Will the Tea Party Help Re-Elect Obama?

How will the GOP presidential primary torpedo the party’s 2012 prospects?

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Why Washington Has Given Up on the Unemployed

Why have Congress and President Obama done nothing to spur job creation in recent months?

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How the Media Fan the Flames of “Birtherism”

Why does the persistence of the birther falsehood reflect a failure of the mainstream media?

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How to Solve the U.S. Debt Problem by Doing Nothing

How would complacency allow Washington to stabilize the country’s debt over the next decade?

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A Tax Receipt: The Key to a Smarter Budget Debate

How could a "tax receipt" foster a smarter budget debate?

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