Philip Bowring

Philip Bowring is an Asia-based journalist, formerly the editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review and columnist for the International Herald Tribune.

The Islam Factor in Indonesia’s Elections

Using the Islamic lens is the focus of Western analysis when it comes to assessing Indonesia’s political present and future. This limits proper understanding.

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Philippines: On Top of the World?

An uncertain nation, a happy-go-loose leader and a global beauty pageant.

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Philippines Vs. Political Dynasties

The Philippines badly needs a constitutional requirement for a law against political dynasties.

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How China Castrates Hong Kong

Hong Kong is increasingly subject to the demands of the boss in Beijing.

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When China Rules the World

Chinese journalists and diplomats increasingly act as enforcers of rampant displays of Chinese nationalism abroad.

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Balancing Asia: India Is Late to the Game

India sees the Belt and Road Initiative as an attempt to clip India’s own wings and build a China-centric world order.

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The Real Significance of the Rohingya Issue

Asian nations must worry that Myanmar’s moves against the Rohingyas won’t start untangling all colonial-era boundaries, however illogical in terms of ethnic or religious issues those may have been.

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Tillerson in Asia

With its short-term focus on what currently occupies the American mind (North Korea), the U.S. is actually playing into China’s hands in Asia.

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Hong Kong: China’s Elusive Jewel

Beijing’s approach to Hong Kong is part of the surge in Chinese nationalism engendered by economic success.

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Hong Kong: The West’s Last Colony

Hong Kong was the last significant Western colonial possession. Its handover to China marked the rise of Asia.

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