Philip Bowring

Philip Bowring is an Asia-based journalist, formerly the editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review and columnist for the International Herald Tribune.

Trump’s Amazing International Role Model: Rodrigo Duterte

The Phillipines’ new President, not Russia’s Putin, is the international leader closest to Trump’s heart and mind.

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Donald Trump, King of the US, and Rama X, New King of Thailand

Thailand and the US are in the process of adjusting to controversial new leaders. Look out for the amazing parallels.

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Duterte: The Making of a Philippines President

What can be expected of a prizefighter-turned-death-squad-mayor in the country’s top job?

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China’s ASEAN Coup

Washington is outmaneuvered on the South China Sea Dispute by deft diplomacy, as ASEAN renders itself useless.

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The U.S. Global Business Community Must Speak Against Trump

Silence now will cost critical economic partners and strategic allies all over the world.

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Indonesia: Why the US Needs to Pay Closer Attention

The United States needs to treat the unassuming Indonesian President Widodo with the attention due to his country.

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