Rupert Strachwitz

Rupert Strachwitz is a political scientist and historian.

Can Germany Provide Global Solutions?

Germany’s leaders talk about taking on more responsibilities in world affairs. But the country’s government struggles with even basic forms of efficiency.

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Brexit: Britain Entering a State of Emergency

It seems less likely by the day that Britain can solve its Brexit problem in an orderly parliamentary process. The question is whether there are other options.

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What Mrs. Merkel’s Travel Trouble Says About Germany

The German Chancellor’s delayed arrival at the G-20 Summit is a telling tale of more widespread dysfunction in Germany’s public sector.

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UK: Slave to Europe?

With Brexit, the British government remains depressingly out of touch with the world.

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Brexit’s Real Purpose: Killing the EU?

From Murdoch to Mercer, there are deep-pocketed billionaires around the world that want to see the EU emasculated, if not abolished.

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Toward a Europe of the Regions? Brexit’s Real Implications

What do European citizens and politicians need to think about after the British vote?

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