Valbona Zeneli

Valbona Zeneli is a professor of national security studies, and director of the Black Sea-Eurasia Program at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.

As Romania Battles Corruption

Corruption is the most underrated international security threat of our time.

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Refugees: EU Victimizing Balkans?

Can the EU seriously drop the migration problem in the lap of the countries in the Western Balkans?

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Western Balkans: Stalled on Europe’s Edge

Poverty is the main security threat in the Western Balkans.

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The Greek Dilemma

The “Big Fix” for Greece and how not to waste a good crisis.

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Why is China So Interested in Central and Eastern Europe?

The Middle Kingdom sets its eyes on Europe’s eastern half, to get a beachhead into Western Europe.

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Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Why is it right and smart to empower women?

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TTIP’s Effects on the Global Economy

In uncertain economic times, TTIP means stronger ties within the West — and with the rest.

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