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Alan Lipp

Freelance reporter based in Kyiv, Ukraine

Alan Lipp analyzes current events with a focus on how transnational political developments are affected by disinformation warfare. He particularly focuses on the United States, the European Union and the former Soviet sphere.

Born in Florida, Mr. Lipp graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in history. He is currently a freelance reporter based in Kyiv, Ukraine

Articles by Alan Lipp

Texas: Key to Trump’s “Reinstatement” Campaign?

Will Trump direct the Republican Party of Texas and the Texan government to instigate an actual secession effort?

July 15, 2021

Is the Trump Campaign Planning a Ukrainian “October Surprise”?

There is a lot of speculation as to what an emboldened and desperate Trump campaign has in mind to help tilt the polls in the President’s favor.

June 27, 2020