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Amar Bhidé

Author, The Venturesome Economy

Amar Bhidé is the Glaubinger Professor of Business at Columbia University, editor of Capitalism and Society, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the author of The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses.

A former McKinsey & Company consultant, Bhidé was educated at the Indian Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School, where he graduated as a Baker Scholar and later served as an associate professor.

Articles by Amar Bhidé

The Financial Crisis: An Accident Waiting to Happen

Did Wall Street's over-reliance on mathematical models undermine the sound judgment of risks?

June 8, 2009

Who Is Afraid of Offshoring?

Is it likely that China and India will attain the parity with the United States that has eluded Japan, Korea and Taiwan?

March 20, 2009