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Andreas Mink

Editor of the American German-Jewish publication Aufbau

Andreas Mink has been the editor of the American German-Jewish publication Aufbau since 1997.

He continues to work as a freelance contributor to German publications, including the German edition of the Financial Times Arts and Culture section.

Andreas Mink was born in 1958 in Waldshut, in southern Germany. Mink went to school in Baden-Baden and worked odd jobs, including a year at a Mercedes-Benz truck plant, to earn money to travel through the United States, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica in 1978.

Mr. Mink then studied history in Tübingen and Hamburg, where he became a journalist. He has worked in radio, television, magazines and newspapers — and was head of the media department for a German newsmagazine before coming to the United States in 1996 with his wife and daughter.

Articles by Andreas Mink

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