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Angela Woodall

Freelance Journalist

Angela Woodall is a freelance journalist based in Berkeley, California.

She has written in depth about nuclear arms policy, human trafficking and political developments in North and East Africa. Her most recent work focused on lingering tensions in the former Yugoslavia amidst the region’s postwar political transition.

Since returning from the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi, where she reported about recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and Rita, Angela has also been investigating flaws in online sex offender registries, as well as a suspected link between autism and vaccinations.

Previously, she was the Washington correspondent for The Oakland Tribune.

Her work has also been published in national and international publications, including United Press International, The Croatian Herald, The Sudan Tribune, and Connect Magazine.

She holds a master’s degree in journalism and public affairs from American University in Washington, D.C., as well as a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and sociology from Mills College in Oakland, Calif.

Angela lived in Germany for a number of years and has traveled widely in Western and Eastern Europe. She speaks German and French.

Articles by Angela Woodall

Serbia and Kosovo — On the Road to Europe?

Have fear and anger between the Serbs and the Kosovo Albanians receded since the end of the war?

January 23, 2006

Filling the Void: Trying Bosnia’s War Criminals

Will the war crimes trials from the wars of the former Yugoslavia bring the region lasting peace?

January 9, 2006

Bringing Bosnia into Europe

Can Bosnians and the EU ever learn to accept one another?

January 4, 2006