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Antonio Albaladejo

Law Student, University of Murcia

Antonio Albaladejo Roman is a law student at the University of Murcia in Spain. He has been an intern in the Department of International Law and International Relations for the last three years. Currently he is collaborating on a research program on the European Union’s External Action Service with Professor Cesáreo Gutierrez Espada.

Albabaledjo is also the founder and president of the Inocencio Arias International Relations Club at the University of Murcia, a society formed to foster the debate and study of international affairs and named in honor of the longtime Spanish diplomat. You can follow the group on Twitter.

He was previously the Secretary General of the University’s debate society, organizing conferences on diverse topics such as the future challenges of democracy, the survival of the European single currency and Europe’s secessionist movements.

Articles by Antonio Albaladejo

Spain Urgently Needs Consolidation

Without significant reforms to the Spanish autonomy system, the nation’s fiscal house cannot be rebuilt.

November 3, 2013

A History of Spanish Autonomy

How unresolved historic conflicts inside a nation undermine its future.

November 3, 2013