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Ashok Malik

Ashok Malik is a Distinguished Fellow, and Head of ORF’s Neighbourhood Regional Studies Initiative. His work focuses on Indian domestic politics and foreign/trade policy, and their increasing interplay, as well as on the broader process of globalisation and how it is influencing policy choices in not just the economy but in social sector spheres such as health, education and urbanisation.

A journalist for 20 years, Ashok is a columnist for several leading Indian and international publications (such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, YaleGlobal Online).

In 2011, Ashok co-authored a paper, “India’s New World: Civil Society in the Making of Foreign Policy,” published by the Lowy Institute for International Policy, Sydney. It looked at the influence of Indian business, news media and overseas communities on the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. In 2012, Ashok’s book India: Spirit of Enterprise (Roli Books) was published.

It encapsulates the story of the growth of India’s leading private sector industries since 1991, and its role in the Indian economy. In the same year, he was a member on the bilateral Task Force on Perceptions commissioned by the Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne, to assess and make recommendations on the relationship between Australia and India. In June 2013, Ashok was named to the Australia India Institute-ORF Chair for Indo-Pacific Studies.

His work in this capacity focuses on the bilateral relationship between India and Australia as well as emergent challenges related to maritime and energy security, and new institutional architecture, in the Indo-Pacific region

Articles by Ashok Malik

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