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Daniel Bachman

Chief Economist at The Globalist Research Center

Daniel Bachman is the Former Chief Economist at The Globalist Research Center — as well as the Former Economics Editor at The Globalist.

Mr. Bachman’s focus is on presenting innovative economic policy ideas to key global audiences — including policy professionals, journalists, corporate audiences and citizens at all levels of knowledge and sophistication.

Before joining The Globalist in 1999, Mr. Bachman served as Director of Global Services Consulting and Director of U.S. Short-Term Forecasting at WEFA, a major economic forecasting company.

Before that, Mr. Bachman was an Assistant Professor in Temple University’s Economics Department, and has also worked for Israel’s Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Bachman holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Brown University and a B.A. in Political Economy from the Johns Hopkins University.

Areas of expertise

Mr. Bachman is available for interviews on the following topics:

Articles by Daniel Bachman

Jewish "Wahhabis"?

Is there a Jewish equivalent to the Wahhabi school of Islam?

February 24, 2003

Strange Bedfellows, Part II: Israel and Christian Fundamentalists

What do Jews think about U.S. fundamentalists' strong support for Israel?

January 21, 2003

Strange Bedfellows, Part I: Israel and Christian Fundamentalists

Why do fundamentalist Christians throw their support behind Israel?

January 20, 2003

Saudi Arabia's Toxic Royals

Is Saudi Arabia refusing to contribute to economic rebuilding efforts in the Middle East and elsewhere?

January 9, 2003

Germany's Inflated Pride

Is a new love for inflation a clear indicator for how desperate things have become on Germany's monetary front?

November 26, 2002

“Fed’s Up?” On War and Interest Rates

What is behind the Fed's November 6 interest rate cut?

November 8, 2002

The Measure of a Man

What does Alan Greenspan's wealth say about CEO compensation?

July 17, 2002

Invading Iraq: Will Oil Prices Rise?

Could an invasion of Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein lead to a global drop in oil prices?

June 21, 2002

The Curse and the Blessing of High Productivity

Is the announcement that U.S. productivity growth hit a record 8.5% good news or bad? Just ask Europe.

May 13, 2002

Making Up the Numbers

What is the difference between economists and accountants in a post-Enron world?

February 27, 2002