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Danny Wiser

Danny Wiser is a journalist from the UK, currently working with

Danny Wiser is a journalist from the UK, who also works in the international development space, currently with

His work has been published in such publications as The Guardian and The Telegraph, and he has featured on BBC News.

Danny completed his Masters’ degree in International Relations at the University of Nottingham in 2009, through which he acquired an extensive knowledge of global politics and current affairs, making him well-equipped to report on issues across the planet.

In 2022, Danny moved to Guayaquil in Ecuador, the epicentre of the surge in violence and terrorism, and is covering the 2024 crisis unfolding in the South American country.

Danny is also passionate about world music and was co-editor of, a project reviewing albums from every country in the world.

Articles by Danny Wiser

Ecuador: A Nation On the Brink

Can the attempt to unravel Ecuador’s gang violence succeed?

January 20, 2024