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David Brancaccio

Host and Senior Editor of Marketplace Radio

David Brancaccio is host and senior editor of Marketplace radio program.

Before taking the host position 8 years ago, Mr. Brancaccio served in London as the European editor of the program, covering the continent’s economic and political integration. He also covered stories from Europe for the radio service of the Christian Science Monitor.

Mr. Brancaccio is a contributor to public television in Los Angeles and on CNN. He has contributed to The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today and Journalism and Mass Communication Educator.

He is author of the book Squandering Aimlessly (Simon & Schuster, 2000 and Touchstone, 2001), an account of his pilgrimage to talk with Americans about wealth and values.

Mr. Brancaccio holds a B.A. in African Studies and History from Wesleyan University and a Master’s degree in journalism from Stanford University.

Articles by David Brancaccio

Nasdaq — Or Gnostic?

Are there atill some bastions of capitalism the NASDAQ hasn't reached yet.

September 5, 2000

The Naked Truth About Money

Where do you keep your money when you don't have any pockets?

August 23, 2000