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David Hale

Chicago-based macroeconomist and chairman of David Hale Global Economics, Inc.

David Hale was formerly chief economist for Kemper Financial Services, and was named global chief economist for Zurich Financial Services when Zurich purchased Kemperin 1995.

He advised the group’s fund management and insurance operations on both the economic outlook and a wide range of public policy issues until 2002, when he founded his own consultancy. With his wife Lyric Hughes Hale, he is the co-author of “What’s Next? Unconventional Wisdom on the Future of the World Economy”, which was published by Yale University Press in 2011.

Mr. Hale holds a B.Sc. degree in international economic affairs from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and a M.Sc. degree in economics from the London School of Economics. 1990 the New York chapter of the National Association of Business Economists conferred upon Mr. Hale the annual William F. Butler Award for distinction as a business economist. Other recipients include Paul Volker, Alan Greenspan, and Paul Krugman.

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Articles by David Hale

Will Iran Become a Successful Emerging Market?

If the nuclear deal with Iran succeeds, the world will see a great shift in geopolitics and economic growth.

April 10, 2015

Is the U.S. Dollar from Texas — or New York?

Why does it matter for the dollar where the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury comes from?

June 4, 2003

Newfoundland and the Global Debt Crisis

What was the experience of Newfoundland in 1933 when it suffered a debt crisis?

April 28, 2003

Iraq: Long-Term Costs and Benefits

How do economists think about winning the war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq?

April 22, 2003

Is the U.S. Economy Ready for War?

What will be the economic consequences of a war with Iraq for the U.S. economy?

March 17, 2003

U.S. Monetary Policy: Between Iraq and a Hard Place?

Is the U.S. Fed always free from political pressure — or might Iraq present an exception?

June 21, 2002

Democracy and Economic Integration

Can trade and democracy bring Muslim nations fully into the global economy?

March 27, 2002

India: Enron to the Rescue?

Did Enron's activities in India avert a nuclear war?

March 25, 2002

Insuring Against Terror

Should governments support insurance companies in underwriting terrorism policies?

February 17, 2002

Paying for the New National Security State

Do you think U.S. citizens are willing to bear the cost of homeland security through their tax dollars?

November 2, 2001

Will There Be War in Asia?

What can Europe's early 20th century history teach us about a possible war in Asia?

August 15, 2001

China and the Bushes

Does the Bush Administration's approach to China mirror that of the early Clinton era?

July 6, 2001