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Denise Feldner

Denise Feldner is a lawyer and technology expert based in Berlin. She works in international law and analyzes the impact of digital technology on the modern state and society.

Previously, Denise set up a research policy association for major research universities. She was representative to the Global Council of Intensive University Research Networks, where she worked on the innovation and research policies of the G7, Australia and China.

Before that, she was personal advisor to the president of Heidelberg University and helped to build a PPP of Dax-, M-Dax-companies and research universities in the field of “organic electronics.” Prior to that, Denise was head of a research team at a Berlin-based law-firm and focused on large-scale infrastructure projects, planning law, energy and climate change. She studied in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Switzerland.

Articles by Denise Feldner

Will a Chinese “Sputnik moment” in AI Unleash Dynamism in the West?

A German perspective on the global AI race.

August 26, 2018

How Is Digitalization Changing the Future of Work?

What do impending job losses mean for our societies? And how do we integrate artificial intelligence into our education system?

June 16, 2018

Attacks on Academics: East Europe, Russia and Turkey

Limiting academic freedom is a threat to democracy itself. EU leaders must unite and stand up to this troubling trend.

May 23, 2017

A (Global) March for Science Against Trump’s “War on Science”

Trump has had a noticeable effect on scientific institutions. To prevent being slaughtered by him one by one, they are getting politically active.

April 22, 2017

Brexit: Is Britain Facing A Mass Academic Exodus?

The world class reputation of British research institutions depends on maintaining excellence in particular fields of research.

March 5, 2017