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Frida Ghitis

Author, Columnist, Consultant

Frida Ghitis heads International Insights, Inc. an international consulting firm. She is also the author of “The End of Revolution: A Changing World in the Age of Live Television.”

Previously, she spent more than 15 years at CNN as a correspondent, producer and unit manager.

She has worked in more than 50 countries, traveling to places as varied as Tibet, Iraq, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Haiti, Cuba, Somalia, Colombia, Nepal and many others.

Ms. Ghitis holds a BA in Economics from Emory University, and an MA in Political Science from the University of Northern British Columbia

Articles by Frida Ghitis

The Dutch PR Problem

Does the resignation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali from the Dutch parliament point to a larger dilemma in Dutch society?

May 25, 2006