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G. Pascal Zachary

Senior Writer, The Wall Street Journal

G. Pascal Zachary is a senior writer for The Wall Street Journal. Splitting his time between London and Berkeley, California, Mr. Zachary is also a contributing editor of the newsmagazine In These Times and a columnist for Technology Review.

He has published two technology-related books — Showstopper (1994), on innovation at Microsoft, and Endless Frontier, a biography of Vannevar Bush, the organizer of the Mahattan Project.

His latest book, “The Global Me: New Cosmopolitans and the Competitive Edge,” is a study of how rich nations handle ethnic, racial and national diversity in their societies and a celebration of multicultural identity in the New Economy.

It was published in July 2000 by Public Affairs Books.

Articles by G. Pascal Zachary

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November 13, 2000

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October 26, 2000

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October 20, 2000