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Gabrielle Lotito

Gabrielle Lotito is an aspiring public health worker and passionate backpacker

Gabrielle Lotito is an American living in Berlin with her dog, cat and snake. Born in New York, she has traveled to and lived in various locations in the United States, moving to Europe in 2016.

Gabrielle is an aspiring public health worker and passionate backpacker. Through her experiences traveling, she has gained a fervor for global social and health equity and is dreaming of a better world.

Gabrielle earned her undergraduate degree in Health Science from the University of the People, the United States’s first accredited, tuition-free online university, where she was also a student ambassador.

She is currently a full-time worker and student in Berlin, where she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Epidemiology.

Articles by Gabrielle Lotito

Welcome to Sweden: An Avid Solo Traveler’s Paradise

Camping in Sweden is glorious and brings out all the good qualities within myself. Just watch out for the mosquitoes!

September 23, 2023