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Gunther Hellmann

Gunther Hellmann is Professor of Political Science at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. He specializes in International Relations. His research interests and teaching are in the fields of German foreign policy, European and transatlantic security relations and theory of international relations.

Before assuming his position in Frankfurt he taught at the Free University in Berlin (between 1988 and 1993) and Darmstadt University of Technology (1993-1999).

From January 2000 until October 2001, he directed the research group International Organizations at the Frankfurt Peace Research Institute. Between 2000 and 2006, he was co-chair of the International Relations Section of the German Association of Political Science.

Since 2002, he is one of the publishers of Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen (ZIB), the premier German IR-journal. Since 2007 he is a Principal Investigator in the context of Goethe University’s Cluster of Excellence “Formation of Normative Orders”.

In 2008/09 he held the “Steven Muller Chair in German Studies” at the SAIS Bologna Center of Johns Hopkins University, in 2012 he was “Harris Distinguished Visiting Professor” at Dartmouth College, Hannover, NH.

Articles by Gunther Hellmann

The Dialectics of German Leadership in Europe

What does the balance of power in the EU shifting towards Germany really mean?

June 9, 2016