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Gurjit Singh

Gurjit Singh is former ambassador to Germany, Indonesia, Ethiopia ASEAN and the African Union Chair, CII Task Force on Trilateral Cooperation in Africa.

Ambassador Singh was an Indian diplomat for 37 years . He has been the Ambassador of India to Germany, Indonesia, Timor Leste & ASEAN and Ethiopia, Djibouti and the African Union besides having been in in Japan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and Italy on assignment.

He was the Sherpa for the first 2 India-Africa Summits and wrote a book titled “The Injera and the Parantha” on India and Ethiopia.

Ambassador Singh has also written books on India’s relations with Japan, Indonesia, and Germany. Ambassador Dino Djalal, Mr Gita Wirjawan and Dr Dewi Anwar have all collaborated in Singh’s book Masala Bumbu in 2015.

He is an Honorary Professor of Humanities at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore. He Chairs the CII Business Task Force on Trilateral Cooperation in Africa.

Ambassador Singh’s comments on current events on TV and in journals. He is associated with the social impact investment movement and is working on expanding it in Africa along with other trilateral initiatives for B2B engagement. His new book on India and Africa is under publication.

Articles by Gurjit Singh

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