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Jean Francois Rischard

Vice President for Europe at the World Bank

In 1998, Jean-François Rischard became the World Bank’s first Paris-based Vice President for Europe.

Before taking the post, Mr. Rischard was responsible for the World Bank’s activities involving private and financial sector development in developing countries.

Mr. Rischard took his first job with the World Bank in 1975. He left the Bank for a private venture in 1986, but returned to the World Bank in 1989 to lead its Investment Department, where he was in charge of trading the Bank Group’s $25 billion portfolio of liquid assets.

He was named Vice President for Finance and Private Sector Development in 1993, a position he held until moving to Paris.

Mr. Rischard has doctoral degrees in law and economics. He also earned an MBA degree at the Harvard School of Business.

Articles by Jean Francois Rischard

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August 25, 2002

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March 9, 2001