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Jeffrey P. Owens

Director of the OECD’s Center for Tax Policy and Administration

Jeffrey Owens is the Director of the OECD’s Center for Tax Policy and Administration. Over the last ten years, he has built up the OECD’s work on taxation so that it is now the leading public-sector organization in the international tax area.

Mr. Owens is a public finance expert with a doctorate in Economics from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and a qualified accountant.

Mr. Owens has taught at Cambridge University, the American University in Paris, Bocconi University in Italy — and Queen Mary’s College in London. He is a member of numerous scientific committees and frequently contributes to international conferences and journals.

Articles by Jeffrey P. Owens

Offshore Tax Evasion

How is tax evasion undermining the fairness and integrity of national tax systems?

June 20, 2007