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Joel Kotkin

Senior Fellow at the Davenport Institute for Public Policy

Joel Kotkin is a Senior Fellow at the Davenport Institute for Public Policy at Pepperdine University.

Previously, he was Business Trends Analyst for KTTV/Fox Television in Los Angeles where, in 1994, he won the Golden Mike Award for Best Business Reporting.

Mr. Kotkin also wrote the highly-acclaimed monthly “Grass Roots Business” column in the New York Times‘ Sunday Money & Business section for several years.

He is currently a columnist with, and a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times Sunday Opinion Section.

For five years, he served as West Coast editor for Inc. Magazine and continues to contribute to the publication. His work also appears in The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

He is the author of four books: The New Geography: How the Digital Revolution is Reshaping the American Landscape, (Random House 2001); Tribes: How Race, Religion and Identity Determine Success In the New Global Economy, (Random House, 1993); The Third Century — America’s Resurgence in the Asian Era, (Crown, 1988) and California, Inc. (Crown, 1982).

Articles by Joel Kotkin

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