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Jonathan Berck

Professor, University of Alabama School of Law

Jonathan Berck teaches at the University of Alabama School of Law, where he specializes in international business law and bores his students with tales of his exploits in the Wild, Wild East of post-Soviet Central Asia, Germany, England, Washington and other of his postings from his prior life as a cross-border transactional lawyer.

Professor Berck was raised in and around New York, educated at Swarthmore and Columbia before receiving his J.D. from Harvard. His current research revolves around international commercial corruption.

Articles by Jonathan Berck

American David Versus Mideast Goliath

Can a simple gas station owner bring down mighty oil cartell OPEC?

March 21, 2002

Fidel Goes Head to Head With the Mouse

What does Fidel Castri need to do to make Cuba appealing to the Cubans?

January 17, 2000