Kenichi Ohmae

Founder and Managing Director of Ohmae & Associates

Kenichi Ohmae is founder and Managing Director of Ohmae & Associates, Jasdic Park,, Inc., Business Breakthrough and Ohmae Business Developments, Inc.

For a period of 23 years, Dr. Ohmae was a partner in McKinsey & Company, Inc., the international management consulting firm. He co-founded the firm’s strategic management practice.

Dr. Ohmae has published over 100 books, including The Mind of Strategist, Triad Power, Beyond National Borders, The Borderless World, The End of the Nation State and The Evolving Global Economy. He also contributed numerous articles to major publications — The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Foreign Affairs and The New York Times.

Dr. Ohmae attended Waseda University (BS), the Tokyo Institute of Technology (MS) — and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D. in nuclear engineering).

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