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Krzysztof Bledowski

Senior Economist and Council Director Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation

Krzysztof Bledowski is a senior economist with 20 years-plus experience in industrial and financial economics.

He is currently Council Director and Senior Economist at Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, a policy research forum in Arlington, Virginia. He focuses on European economic research and executive training.

Prior to joining MAPI, Mr. Bledowski worked at the International Monetary Fund on macroeconomic frameworks in support of concessional lending in Africa. Earlier, he spent a decade in central Europe, working at Commerzbank Central Europe and Pioneer Polish Trust Fund, concentrating on capital market development of transition economies.

Mr. Bledowski, a native of Poland, holds degrees from universities in Poland, the U.S. and UK.

Articles by Krzysztof Bledowski

How Poland and Germany Can Close Ranks

Instead of seeking war reparations from Germany, Poland should take steps that bring the country closer to the euro area to secure the country’s long-term economic interests.

March 21, 2018