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Llewellyn King

Host and Executive Producer, “White House Chronicle”

Llewellyn King is the host and executive producer of "White House Chronicle" — a news and public affairs program airing on PBS and public access television channels nationwide, and on XM Satellite Radio.

He is also a nationally syndicated columnist.

A journalist for more than 50 years, Mr. King has worked for Time, London's Daily Mirror, the BBC, The New York Herald Tribune — and The Washington Post.

Prior to the 1973 energy crisis, he founded The Energy Daily — the flagship of King Publishing Group, his newsletter publishing company, whose other titles included Defense Week and New Technology Week.

Mr. King has commented on a range of subjects for the "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer," NPR, CNN, C-SPAN and Voice of America.

He is the author of "Washington and the World — 2001-2005," a collection of his op-ed columns distributed by Knight-Ridder Syndicate and published in newspapers throughout the United States, including The Miami Herald, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Columbus Dispatch and The Providence Journal.

Articles by Llewellyn King

Remembering the Last of the British Empire

Looking at Rhodesia in the days before Mugabe.

September 19, 2008

All Agony, No Ecstasy for Anglicans

What are the primary reasons behind the disintegration of the Anglican Church?

July 18, 2008

When Commodities Revolt

How are increasing commodity prices challenging economic policies around the world?

July 10, 2008

Ireland: Two Decades of Progress

How has Ireland overcome its history to become one of the most affluent countries in the region?

March 31, 2008