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Mats Djurberg

Secretary General, Swedish National Commission for UNESCO

Mats Djurberg has been the Secretary General for the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO, Sweden’s coordinating body for UNESCO affairs, since 2010. As head of UNDP’s Nordic Office in Sweden, he coordinated UNDPs cooperation with Sweden.

Prior to this, he worked in Chile for the non-governmental organization Service for Regional Studies in Concepcion Chile, then as international coordinator. As the International Coordinator for the medical university Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, he worked closely with Central America as well as with several African countries.

Mr. Djurberg holds a Master degree in Political Science, from Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Articles by Mats Djurberg

Reforming UNESCO’s World Heritage

Cultural and natural heritage is important to all of us. But we are doing ourselves a disservice if we allow national interests to come before quality.

June 27, 2018