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Michael C. Maibach

Michael C. Maibach is a seasoned professional in global business diplomacy, with successful careers at the European-American Business Council, Siebel Systems, Intel and Caterpillar.

From 1983 to 2001 he was Vice President of Global Government Affairs for the Intel Corporation.

In 1983, he established Intel’s Government Affairs Department while assistant to Intel co-founder Dr. Robert Noyce, inventor of the integrated circuit.

Maibach worked closely with Dr. Gordon Moore (Moore’s Law), and Dr. Andrew Grove. He was named Intel’s first Vice President of Global Government Affairs in 1996.

In 2001, Mr. Maibach was appointed Senior Vice President of Siebel Systems.

From 2003 – 2012, Mr. Maibach was President & CEO of the European-American Business Council.

Mr. Maibach worked at the Caterpillar Tractor Co. from 1976-1983, beginning as a machine shop foreman. He then served as a Government Affairs Manager in Illinois, California, and Washington DC.

He earned a BA & MA from Northern Illinois University, a BA from California State University, a BS from American University, an MA from Georgetown University, and an MA from the Institute of World Politics.

Today he is the Managing Director of the James Wilson Institute in Washington DC.

Articles by Michael C. Maibach

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Johnson has claimed that he can unite the country under his leadership. That seems a practical impossibility.

July 24, 2019

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Without the US Electoral College, would the major parties just compete for different urban areas?

July 31, 2016