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Michael Teitelbaum

Program Director for Research and Technology at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Michael Teitelbaum is Program Director for Research and Technology at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Mr. Teitelbaum is also a faculty member at Oxford University and Princeton University — as well as Staff Director of the Select Committee on Population, U.S. House of Representatives.

He served as a Commissioner of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform which completed its work in December 1997.

From 1980 to 1990, he served as one of 12 Commissioners of the U.S. Commission for the Study of International Migration and Cooperative Economic Development.

Mr. Teitelbaum is a regular speaker on the subjects of immigration and demographic change and a frequent invited witness before Committees of the United States Congress.

His books include: Political Demography, Demographic Engineering (Berghahn Books, 2001, co-author), A Question of Numbers: High Migration, Low Fertility, and the Politics of National Identity (Hill and Wang, 1998, co-author), Threatened Peoples, Threatened Borders (W.W. Norton,1995, co-editor), Population and Resources in Western Intellectual Traditions (Cambridge University Press, 1989, co-editor), The Fear of Population Decline (Academic Books ,1985, co-author), Latin Migration North: The Problem for U.S. Foreign Policy (Council on Foreign Relations, 1985) — and The British Fertility Decline: Demographic Transition in the Crucible of the Industrial Revolution (Princeton University Press, 1984).

Mr. Teitelbaum was educated at Reed College and at Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

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