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Pavlo Klimkin

Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany and former Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Pavlo Klimkin is a Ukrainian diplomat and served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine from June 2014 to August 2019.

A Moscow-educated physicist, he has worked in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry since 1993. His previous positions there included director of the department for the European Union, as well as deputy foreign minister in the First Azarov Government. In that capacity, he played a central role in negotiating the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement.

Klimkin is also a former Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany (2012-14)

Articles by Pavlo Klimkin

Putin’s Devious Plans If Joe Biden Wins

With the prospects rising that Joe Biden will be elected President of the U.S., does the U.S. have to prepare for made-in-Russia mayhem?

October 23, 2020