Rachel Carnell

Rachel Carnell is professor of 18th century British literature at Cleveland State University, with expertise on the intersection between partisan politics and literary history. She is currently writing a book about secret history, libel, populism and impeachment during the reign of Queen Anne.

Her first book, Partisan Politics, Narrative Realism, and the Rise of the British Novel (2006), established a link between partisan discourse and the tropes of narrative realism in early eighteenth-century novels. In researching the links between literature and politics, she became an expert on political secret history and is co-editor, with Rebecca Bullard, of The Secret History and Literature, 1660-1820 (Cambridge 2017).

Carnell is also recognized for her expertise on the Tory political satirist Delarivier Manley. She is co-editor, with Ruth Herman, of the five-volume Selected Works of Delarivier Manley (2005) and author of A Political Biography of Delarivier Manley (2008). Research for that biography was supported by a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

She holds Ph.D. in English from Boston University.

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