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Rafal Riedel

Professor at the University in Opole in Poland and Guest Lecturer at Sankt Gallen University in Switzerland.

Mr. Riedel holds a PhD in Political Science. A Jean Monnet Professor, he habilitated (in EU Studies) at the University of Wrocław. He graduated at the Silesian University and Economic University in Katowice. Mr. Riedel is Professor at the European Studies Department of Political Science Institute of the Opole University.

Previous to that, Mr. Riedel was also guest researcher at ARENA (Centre for European Studies) at the University of Oslo, Gastdozent at TUC and Wissenschaftslische Mitarbeiter at ETH Zürich.

Mr. Riedel was also previously engaged in educational and research programmes, as a scholar, co-organiser or fellow, at European University Institute, Open Society Institute, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, Marie Curie Fellowship Programme, Max Planck Institute, European Values Network, Fundacji Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji – EEA / Norway Grants.

Mr. Riedel’s scientific interests include the European integration process, institutions and policies, Europeanisation, energy security in Europe, democratic deficit, transitology, considology and others in the fields of political science, European studies and economy.

Articles by Rafal Riedel

Poland’s Path and Challenges: A Reality Check

Though the Polish economy faces external threats, the greatest challenges remain inside the country.

December 14, 2017

Poland’s Economic Destiny: Middle-Income Trap?

Despite the Polish economy’s success post-1990, the challenge of escaping the middle-income trap is steep.

December 13, 2017