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Richard Butler

Diplomat-in-residence at the Council of Foreign Relations

Richard Butler, former head of the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) to disarm Iraq is an expert in arms control, international security issues, the United Nations and the Middle East. He served as Australian Ambassador to the United Nations from 1992 to 1997, before serving as the head of UNSCOM from 1997-99.

Currently Diplomat in Residence at the Council of Foreign Relations in New York, Richard Butler is an avid author who was granted the Order of Australia in 1988 for services to international peace and disarmament.

His new book, “Fatal Choice: Nuclear Weapons and the Illusion of Missile Defense” was published in January 2002.

Articles by Richard Butler

Sovereignty über Alles

Is the United States an exception when it comes to abiding by international law?

April 24, 2002

U.S. Leadership and Nuclear Proliferation

Why should the United States play a role in stopping nuclear proliferation?

March 11, 2002

Nuclear Colonialism

Why does India see nuclear non-proliferation as neo-colonialism?

March 1, 2002