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Seth Dunn

Research associate at the Worldwatch Institute

Seth Dunn is a Research Associate and climate/energy team coleader at Worldwatch. He has coauthored four chapters in the State of the World annual, as well as Worldwatch Paper 138, Rising Sun, Gathering Winds: Policies to Stabilize the Climate and Strengthen Economies, Worldwatch Paper 151, Micropower: The Next Electrical Era, and Worldwatch Paper 157, Hydrogen Futures: Toward a Sustainable Energy System.

Prior to joining Worldwatch, Mr. Dunn served as an intern with the Climate Action Network, a consultant to the Natural Resources Defense Council, and a research assistant with the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy. He is a graduate of Yale University, where he studied history and environmental studies.

Articles by Seth Dunn

Hydrogen: Adieu to the Carbon Age

Is the switch to hydrogen fuel an inevitable economic progression in the era of globalization?

March 9, 2003

Hydrogen in History

What is the story behind the use of hydrogen as a fuel?

March 10, 2002