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Stanley Kober

Research Fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Cato Institute

Stanley Kober is a research fellow in foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute.

Before joining Cato, he worked as an analyst for the Hudson Institute and the Center for Naval Analyses. He is an expert on U.S.-Russian relations and European security issues.

He has lectured frequently for the U.S. Information Agency and his work has appeared in Foreign Policy, International Affairs (London), the Washington Post, and other publications.

Articles by Stanley Kober

George Bush Vs. U.S. Intelligence?

Was it a massive failure of U.S. intelligence — or Mr. Bush's faulty decision-making?

February 10, 2004

The Changing Nature of War

Is a philosophy of doubt the better counsel in deciding to go to war?

January 11, 2004

Putin: Master of the Universe?

Does Russia have the best relations with most countries around the world?

June 25, 2003

No Clash of Civilizations

What do similarities between Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler tell us about terror?

December 5, 2002

Religion and the Modern World Stage

What historic role did religion play throughout the world's major conflicts?

August 7, 2002